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Elinor Wonders Why: How to Carry a Cupcake - Early Reader Graphic Novel


From the popular early reader graphic novel series, Elinor and her friends discover how nature provides many living things with hard outsides to keep their insides safe!

Elinor, Ari and Olive want to bring a cupcake to school to give to their teacher, Ms. Mole, for her birthday. But the last time Olive brought a cupcake, it got squished in her book bag. So Elinor and her friends need to figure out the best way to "stop the squish" and get the cupcake safely to school. On their walk home they notice that some animals, such as turtles and armadillos, are protected by hard shells. And coconuts are, too. Hmm, this may have given Elinor a perfect idea for transporting Ms. Mole's cupcake!

This early reader graphic novel is part of the popular series from Jorge Cham and Daniel Whiteson, the creators of the Emmy-nominated PBS KIDS TV series Elinor Wonders Why. As always in this series, science facts are presented as discoveries resulting from the characters' curiosity and their desire to solve a relatable problem. Sidebars with science facts and vocabulary words, along with their pronunciations, are interspersed throughout the story. An activity at the end of the book teaches how to test the strength of an eggshell.

By: Cham, Jorge | Type: Regular Hardback

Apr 26 - Apr 30

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